Tunnel Camps (english)


We are not a travel agency, but we love to travel. We are not birds but we love to fly. We are not World Champions but we know how to be well surrounded. We do not own a DZ nor a wind tunnel (yet…) but we know where the best spots are. Finally, we like to share.

Therefore we offer you the opportunity to come fly with us, where ever the sky is blue and the wind tunnel is sweet. We set up the camps and everyone is free to come for the duration that suits him. If you really cant make it on our camps, we set your own camp too *.

Our letimotiv: the best plans (read the cheapest) to fly in the tube or in the sky but in both cases with a blast and quality coaching, cause the price is nothing if you dont f… improve !!
(*”official camps” :dates set by the 3F to be differentiated with the “private camp”: the one builds around you and your dates, see bottom of page)



The prices speak for themselves, those are the best prices you can find all over Europe (only Russia beats it, but is the price the only important thing…?)

– hour of tunnel time (coaching included)  : 520 euros
– night in hotel : 19 euros
– daily food : around 15 euros/day



-> Tunnel camp: for many years, we held our camps in Russia. but since 2014, we changed our HQ : no more visa needed, a cost a bit higher but a tunnel a bit bigger too (14ft : same as Prague and Empuria))  Night for 17 €, cheap food and transfer shared shuttle, amazing scenery ( skiing is possible in winter),  kind people… This happens in Slovakia, the cheapest spot in Europe, an idyllic quality tunnel and super comfortable: in short the gem!




The best way to stay informed is to subscribe to our FACEBOOK page that is updated regularly. The site is also but a look on facebook is always faster, we know that. You can also send us an email.

the next camp dates:

– Toussaint Camp tunnel: oct 30th – november 6th oct, 2021
– Winter camp tunnel: February  19th – february 26th, 2022
– Easter Camp tunnel: April 23rd – April 30th, 2022

If you can not join us on the official camps (there are some advantages on those ones but hey, we do not always have a choice, right ?), we organize a custom tunnel camp for your group, when you want. Only one condition: minimum flying time is 20H because we bring the coach especially for the camp! (We then book hotel, transfer, tunnel …)




We take care of (all except the plane ticket):

– accommodation booking

– transferts booking  (between airport, hotel, tunnel and DZ)

– wind tunnel booking

– management on site

For registration details, it’s simple: a phone call or an email and then we tell you everything!


Wishing you count among us, we wish you a blue sky and see you soon.



Tel : +33 (0) 614 887 413
e-mail : contact@freeflyfamily.com