Triple Crown Freefly

OK here is the english version, so hopefully more people can get it
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The triple crown freefly is a new concept for good people willing to fly nice and give there best. ALL nation welcome. During one week, we will try to make 3 modest « record »: OUR FreeFly Family record : one atmo record, one sit fly record and one HD record.

We are not skygods but we move to make things better… We know that anywhere else people can go big but we are not anywhere else : we are in HERE !! This year is a start in Aerograd Kolomna and we hope to grow bigger as a nice event coming back every year. So far we are starting and now the future is in your hands…

Just after the Triple crown, there will be 3 days of Russian Sequentials… what a great week…



- july 17th and 18th : « pre training » for foreign people and russian flyers not on the Russian FF record ( no private plane, jump ticket at regular price)

- july 19th* : atmo training 8 jump (minimum) from 4000m
- july 20th : atmo record 5 jumps from 5000m (oxy)
- july 21st : sitfly training 8 jump (minimum) from 4000m
- july 22nd : sitfly record 5 jumps from 5000m (oxy)
- july 23rd : HD training 8 jump (minimum) from 4000m
- july 24th : HD record 5 jumps from 5000m (oxy)

* (if the Russian freefly record finish on the 18th, if the 19th is used as a reserve day, the Triple crown Freefly will start on the 20th)

TOTAL JUMPS for the Triple Crown Freefly : 39 jumps minimum ( weather conditions permitted)
(we might go to the wind tunnel as well…)

ticket jump for private plane at 4000M : 1000r (21 euros)
ticket jump for private plane at 5000M : 1350r (28 euros)

We RELY on a FULL PLANE for us. So we are « free » and on our own. There will be 2 working group with a coach in each group to identify levels plus 1 or 2 camera operator.

It means there will be between 16 and 17 SITS AVAILABLE for the participants. As you see, there is a limited number of sits BUT if there is more people, that will be no problem, we will sort it out. For now, we need to know who can make it and when.


Send us a message for more infos, note that we organize all for your coming ( visa paper, booking accomodations, transfert from airport, wind tunnel booking and so on)