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The FreeFly Family is more than happy to present you the « Sky-Masûtra ». A workshop dedicated to push every one’s flying a step further. From amy 2019, 7th to 11th.
It is a 5 days freefly event, held in Skydive Spain. (7-11 may 2019) Yes it is far, so you won’t have any excuses…
The Load organisers are :
Mike Wittemburg
Rafael Schwaiger
Fabian Raidel
Ally Milne
Aurelien Marquet
Vincent Cotte
Camera work : Ewan Cowie
Flyers will be split in group of 6 or 7 with one L.O. We plan a minimum of 7 jumps a day. Sevilla’s weather and the Dornier are the perfect combination to reach our goals !
Minimum requirements :
– Minimum of 500 freefly jumps or recommandation of one of the L.O
– You must be able to fly 8-way safely (both vertical and angle flying)
– Angle : you must be able to fly your slot on your strong side and your quadrant on your weak side
– Vertical : free exit, entering or closing an HD star, clean break off is the minimum
Warning #1 : Please stay humble while filling the form, do not over estimate your skills. If you do so while registering or if you do not meet the minimum requirements, you might be removed from the workshop with no refund. We want everybody to enjoy…
You are welcome to join as a group as long as everyone in the group flies the same. (obviously…)
There are 37 slots available.
Registration : 350€ (80€ non refundable)
Jump ticket (15000ft) = 27,50€
A raffle is on the way, more infos soon.
PUBLIC REGISTRATION will start on september 16th, 8 PM (Paris time).
Process order to get your « Sky-Masûtra » slot :
1- fill the google form here : will be publish on september 16th at 8 PM
2- Shortly after step 1, you will received a payement request via email. You can send the booking fee (80€) or the full amount (please send us an email if you filled the form but didnt get an email from us)
– > you paid 80€, then go to #3
– > you paid 350€, then go to #4
3 – You are booked, but to secure your slot you will have to pay the rest (270€ ) before january 15th, 2019 (12PM, Paris time)
4 – Congrats, you are all good to go, see you in Sevilla.
Important DZ infos :
– Participants must have an account on Burble :
You can sign up here : https://burblesoft.com/me/menu (it doesnt take long and will save time at the DZ) and then download the app there : https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/burbleme/id835467501?mt=8
– Participants must have valid skydiving licence and third party insurance for skydiving valid in Spain. Equipment with AAD and reserve in date together with proof docs of gear.
– Participants must purchase 32 x jump tickets upon arrival
We really would like to start early (meaning we will) on the morning of the 7th so if you can do the paper work and the Burble before, it would be lovely. Thank you for every one.
-> Please see DZ Rules and guidelines for main canopies here: https://www.skydivespain.com/wp-content/uploads/Skydive-Spain-Safety-Rules-March-17.pdf and https://www.skydivespain.com/experienced-skydivers/
Refund Policy:
• Minimum jump quota: 13 jumps
• No refunds will be given once the event has begun unless the minimum jump quota has not been reached due to bad weather
• Remaining jumps after the event shall remain on each participants account as credit to be used on other occasions or can be transferred to a credit note to be used at Skydive Algarve or Skydive Hibaldstow
– Accomodation :
We will send you a .PDF with a list of various accomodation in the email with the payement request.
Just like you, we like to enjoy the end of the day while drinking a cold one and talking about how rad the day was…but sometimes it can end up very late. A 5 days event can be quite tiring (even though we know you are all rock stars 😉 ) and we don’t want anybody to get hurt because of short nights or missing the call in the morning. We want to push it, so everybody got to be at 100% or more. Saturday night you ll have plenty of time… You are all adults (ok let’s say big kids) and you know what it takes, so do accordingly.
Fly now, party later…
Last but not least we would like to thank Hurricane Factory and Skydive Spain for their support, greatly appreciated !
Inquiries and infos at workshop@freeflyfamily.com or facebook message via the page.
So which position do you prefer… ? 😉
The FreeFly Family

Facebook event : https://www.facebook.com/events/2004784059850508





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