Kung-fu Academy (english)

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The purpose of the Academy is to provide such a quantitative and qualitative work based on group flying (share time). The principle of time sharing also reduce significantly the cost of the flight time / person. ( from 300 euros/hour (coaching included) to 120 euros/hour)



Developing the skills of participants (for skydiving) in the compartments of the following flights:

- Sequential

- VFS 4way, 6way, 8way

Collectively, the long term ‘s work in the tunnel is to be abble to perfectly transcript (identical) the sequences in the sky.By regularly working together, the flyers can meet again for skydiving session to perform the moves of their dreams !

At an individual level, this work (like working on 1 to 1!) will allow the flyer to enter the « workshops » or other boogies in a higher level group to perform more complex jumps. In a few words: to fly better!


Example of ninja video (high skilled people )and a lot of people:
We have no such claims but Roma was not built in a day and the spirit is the same: https://vimeo.com/49011025
(you can watch the whole series of Undercover Ninjas, it won’t hurt…)



- Based on a specific work planned and sharing tunnel time with level group.



 Week-end Session ( 2h per group )on a week-end,  different groups ( from 4 to 8 flyers depending on skills ) in the biggest euro tunnel 17ft of Berlin, Madrid or Milan.  3 week-end/year minimum.

Camp #1 : 1 group fo 8, 2 group of 4, HF Berlin 24-25 november 2017, coaching by Ally Milne

Camp #2 : 1 group of 8 for now, wait for the rest, HF Madrid 13-14 january 2018, coaching by Fabian Raidel

Camp #3 : 24/25 March, coaching by Ally Milne, HF Berlin



Minimum level required to integrate the sessions:

- solid Head up
- easy Head Down
- all transitions ( front, back, cartwheel)

Dynamic (depending on the level of your partner!):
-Minimum carve inface in 2 directions


If your level does not (yet) meet the required skills, , you can of course,  share time between flyers of the same level on our regular big camps.



Tel : +33 (0) 614 887 413
e-mail : contact@freeflyfamily.com

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